iOS app concept | September 2016

Helping young Japanese adults reduce their spending & reserve for their future.


Consumer App Solution for Banks

Achieve your short & long term savings goal

NIT(an alias name) is a financial bank client based in Tokyo that came to Tigerspike in September 2015. They wanted to create an iOS prototype to demo to major banks as a new consumer service that targets young Japanese professionals. They were interested in emulating the convenience of Digit's money saving concept and AI learning algorithms. Their goal was to understand the next generation's spending habits so that they can find better solutions to help users save money.

I joined the TS team in Tokyo as a Visual Designer for 3 weeks where I delivered mood boards, comps, style guides and designed a logo for them.


To encourage financial behaviors that are tailored to the user's lifestyle that is fun and engaging.


Reach 30% of target and to understand the latent needs of target users. (ex: home and car purchases among other lifetime events.)


"I want to save, but I don't know how to control myself." -Matsui

"..As a result of his expensive tastes and eating habits, such as needing to buy a coffee twice a day, he essentially lives paycheck to paycheck, and is saving very little from his monthly salary."

Feature Set

With a limited timeline, NIT realized they couldn't have all the features they wanted by the end of September (their deadline) so we agreed to focus on basic features that would communicate the prototype's potential growth and use case of the app. 


Introducing Spare App Features

We focused on basic features such as login, goal setting, and integrating a chatbot that sends users a daily challenge everyday.

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Working alongside a UX designer, I participated in stakeholder meetings to come up with interesting ways for users to feel excited about saving money. One of their ideas was a simple slot machine concept called Daily Challenges. The idea was that Spare would send users a savings challenge based on their spending history. If the user succeeded (for instance, not buying the usual $5 coffee!) then they would be rewarded with a trophy.

I sketched initial ideas for what the trophies could look like and created a moodboard to land on a visual direction. One of the ideas I presented was a gemstone concept that the clients enjoyed. They liked that it felt luxurious and favored the flexibility of creating more gem shapes for more levels in the future. Due to time constraints, we didn't have time to fully flush out the user incentive (collecting "x" amount of trophies for "x" reward), opting to focus on features such as login and bank account linking. Although, the gem concept left the clients excited to progress it further for phase II of Spare. There were talks of partnering up with businesses and services such as cafes (get a certain amount of gems and you get a free coffee!).


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Logo Concept

With Spare being the chosen app name, the ask was simple. NIT's stakeholders wanted a clear logo concept that conveys saving half of your money. They referenced the look and feel of Luka App's logo design, enjoying it's playfulness and simplicity. With their initial icon being a safe deposit box, I felt that it was too obvious and safe. Wanting to push the idea of cutting expenses, I chose an icon shape that symbolizes a coin split in half with the idea that Spare will attempt to save half of what you typically spend.

For the color concept, NIT wanted Spare to feel familiar but also lively. They wanted to get away from the conservative bank colors of brown and gold (In Japan, brown and gold represents wealth). Orange was chosen because it fit the right tone NIT wanted for their users - to trust Spare to help them succeed for a happy & prosperous life. 

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Style GuiDe

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